Big Dev's "Down-Home" Barbeque & Catering Services has been recognized by previous patrons as the "Best" Southern Style Barbeque Ever...hence, "meat just fall-off-the-bone tender" just what the family Dentist ordered" ..."need no teeth to eat my meat.." ;-))).



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  • "We had Big Dev's BBQ cater a turkey for us this past Thanksgiving and I am glad we did!! Not only was the turkey cooked to perfection, but the turkey was full of flavor and juicy.  I've eaten all kinds of turkeys before, from butterball to deep fried turkeys, but none of them were as good as Big Dev's smoked turkey!"

        12/6/2011 Frank I, Escondido, Ca (Yelp)

  • "I was looking for a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and Big Dev's BBQ delivered beyond my expectations.  The turkey from Big Dev's was tender, juicy, seasoned to perfection and delicious!! All of my guests loved the turkey so much that there were no left overs in sight for the 30 pound turkey!!  Thank you Big Dev for an easy and delicious Thanksgiving!!"

         11/24/2011 F.E., Escondido, Ca (Yelp)

  • Looks so good i can almost taste it. 11/23/2011 Howard S. (Facebook)
  • Yummy in my Tummy Big Dev you've got the best BBQ I've ever had! 10/24/2011 Colleen S. (Facebook)

  • "The Best Pork Ribs ever...Full of Meat and Fall-Off The Bone"...Ted & Joyce Cumming of Idyllwild, C.A.
  • "Best Smoked Chicken, I Ever Had" Charles Bibbs, of BiBBS Art, River Side C.A.
  • "Beef Brisket soooo tender, you can eat it with a 'plastic' fork...just pull away, and the wine sauce is unmatched. I Never had the pleasure of such a great product."  Curtis Harmon (Drums) and James Loyd (Keys) of the Jazz Group "Pieces Of A Dream..." at the Ultimate Jazz Festival in Guasti Regional  Park, Ontario, California
  • "Dev! It was awesome man! Everything was right on point! Was looking for that cobbler though....Lol...thx for everything!" G Sax Man Gerald Albright. Jazz At The Beach, Ocean Side Pier 1.
  • Sax Man Paul "Shilts" Weimar..."Great Food!...Cheers" at the Ultimate Jazz Festival in Guasti Regional  Park, Ontario, California
  • I have had BIG DEV,S BBQ many times. At numerous events around San Diego. He has the best tri-tip i have ever eaten, and his ribs are the best you will get.The meat just falls off the bone. If you want real down home cookin', not chain restaurant wanta be bbq, then BIG DEV'S is for you!!!!

          1/26/2011 Tony S., Lakeside, Ca (Yelp)

  • Big Dev's BBQ Christmas dinner that we ordered for the 2010 Christmas season was out of this world, the Smoked Turkey was delicious, the meat was tender and juicy and I loved the smoked flavor.....We also ordered Beef in wine sauce,the meat was tender, well cooked and very good....I would recommend Big Dev's to anyone and I would use them again...

          12/26/2010 Becky R., Murrieta, Ca (Yelp)

  • Big Dev's BBQ is by far the best BBQ I have tasted!  Many claim to be, but Dev delivers!  Although his sauces are delicious, the meat is tender and bursting with flavor!  Since Dev is a caterer, you can only enjoy his cooking through private parties or at the Street Fairs in Poway during April & September.  His catering prices are great and your guests will go home with delicious memories!

          12/20/2010 Luanne H., Poway, Ca (Yelp)

  • Big Dev knows how to cook.  Who knew that when I taught him (ummm, lots of years ago) that he would turn out to be this good a chef?  Now being in the City of Brotherly Love, I have been to, among other places,  the BBQ shacks in Lawnside, NJ back in the '60's and '70's which were famous up & down the coast.  Dev's reminds me of the best that were there and way better than what's available in Philly today.  He sent me a package from the left coast which got here in 2 days and asked me for my honest opinion.
  • The pork ribs were fallin' off the bone great.  Not fatty at all and cooked to just the right texture.  Along with Dev's sauce, which is low in sodium and carbs, made me want to put aside my diet for the day (s?).  I could have eaten the whole rack but my wife wanted some also.  The beans are what you would ask for but never receive (at least not in this area).  Spicy but not so much to overpower the taste of the beans and sauce which were slow cooked to be that good.
  • Okay Big Bill, as some of my former students call me, you're just building up one of your former students' work.  NOPE!  I don't endorse what's not superior and let me tell you, if you don't try Big Dev's ribs, chicken and other goodies, you'll be missing out on some really great BBQ!

          12/12/2010 Bill M., Philadelphia, Pa (Yelp)

  • I recently experienced Big Dev's BBQ, all I can say is AMAZING! The BBQ pork ribs as well as the beef and wine sauce were out of this world. Our entire office has not stopped talking about this BBQ. I thought Phil's was amazing until i had big Dev's!!! Highly recommended!

          12/6/2010 Todd S., San Diego, Ca

  • Big Dev's BBQ has spoiled me for any other. I first tasted @ Poway Street Fair, then was amazed to find him at Idyllwild Jazz Festival. He is obviously well equipped to feed huge parties, with premium top notch food. The sauce is just an added bonus (delicious!) but the meat is so tender and flavorful, you don't even need it! You won't be disappointed, and neither will your guests.

          12/6/2010 Tizant W. Encinitas, Ca

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